Active membership in the Regenerative Bioscience Center

Scholarly research is one of three primary areas of engagement for higher education faculty along side instruction and community service. Active participation in the RBC allows members to draw from a diverse group of faculty ranging from those new to academic life to established investigators, from many different backgrounds, research interests, working in many different sorts of institutions, and coming from multiple perspectives. The RBC fosters the opportunity for dialogue, offers questions to ponder, or outline areas to pursue. The purpose of RBC membership is, therefore, to offer a venue in which workable strategies can be developed which lead to success in academic life for those with an interest in the advancement of Regenerative Biology.

The RBC offers many ways to engage in collaborative research and thereby enrich your work as a faculty member.

Establishing partner collaborations

RBC member forums are regularly organized to highlight ongoing research thus creating a venue for contact with potential collaborators within and outside of the University of Georgia.

Creating Faculty – Student collaborations

RBC faculty are encouraged to come in contact with students on a regular basis, thus creating opportunity for research efforts resulting from student driven ideas.

Fostering Student – Student collaborations

Collaborations often emerge naturally from close proximity, or shared sense of purpose. However, the RBC engages students across disciplines thus favoring crosstalk at the bench level. This facilitates problem solving, creates uncomplicated sharing of resources, facilities and expertise.

Faculty – Community collaborations

The RBC engages in the community. The University of Georgia resides within a larger geographical community of non-academic entities, and the needs of community members may coincide with research interests of faculty members.

Want to be part of scientific discovery?

If you are interested in joining the RBC, please use our contact form requesting more information. You will be required to submit a Curriculum Vitae (CV) with current biographical sketch. Click to Join