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ADSC 8888- Current Literature in Stem Cell Biology Syllabus Fall 2017

Course Objective:

In this seminar series, students will select, present and lead discussions on recent primary literature in the areas of pluripotent and adult stem cells, differentiation, tissue engineering, toxicology, cell signaling, neural injury, bone development, wound healing and other topics under the purview of regenerative medicine. Selected articles will be read by the group.

Class Format:

Selected presenters will present scientific articles related to our theme - Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine. The articles should represent high quality science and be published in the last 2-5 years. On the day of the presentation, the assigned presenter will lead the discussion of the paper having prepared several powerpoint slides with:


  • The presenter will recruit the help of a select group of fellow graduate students and postdocs of his/her choice to serve as “discussion leaders”, and will use their assistance to discuss the following:
    • Background information (highlighting its significance, how it fits into the literature, and how it is of relevance to the presenter’s research)
    • Hypothesis
    • Methodology – novel and non-routine methodology should be introduced in greater detail


  • The presenter should lead an in-depth discussion of the manuscript, progressing through the evidence in a chronological manner, and without discussing findings in random order
  • The presenter will use assistance from the discussion leaders to prepare a list of questions to lead a group discussion. For example:
    • How has this body of work furthered scientific understanding in this field? Is this incremental or transformative work?
    • What are the major conclusions? Which of these are drawn from the data presented and which are speculative?
    • Are the results consistent with the hypothesis?
    • Which experiments (if done) would have strengthened the results?
  • The presenter will call on fellow graduate students and postdocs at random to provide explanations of figures and results. Participants should come well prepared.
  • The presenter will call on fellow graduate students and postdocs at random to provide explanations of figures and results. Participants should come well prepared.
  • Participants will be graded according to their level of participation (submission of questions and in class discussion).

One faculty member will be present during the discussion to help keep the discussion going, and to help avoid lengthy digressions. At the end, the group should provide a final summary, critique on the quality of the paper, identify strengths and weaknesses of the work and cover other questions that may have arisen. Journal club will take place every Thursday on alternate weeks, starting at 3pm and ending at 3:55pm. The moderator will stop the presentation at 3:50 and ask the presenter to fill in major gaps and give us the key conclusions if needed. One or two “burning” questions will be entertained if there is extra time.

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