Exosomes and Stroke

Stroke treatment repairs brain tissue

"Until now, we had very little evidence specific to neural exosome treatment and the ability to improve motor function,” said Stice. “Just days after stroke, we saw better mobility, improved balance and measurable behavioral benefits in treated animal models."...MORE

US Stroke model

The rat race is over: New Stroke discovery

Through this model, the research team was able to more precisely establish the repair mechanism by which stem cells work in neural tissue regeneration and neuroprotection than was previously known."The takeaway from this work is that...MORE

CMaT Georgia Tech

RBC becomes major partner in research consortium

"Partnerships of this nature-that span different universities and sectors-are critical to advancing human health around the world," said UGA President Jere W. Morehead, "and I want to congratulate Dr. Stice and his team at the University of Georgia's RBC for helping to drive this important research center."MORE

rbc brain glue

‘Brain Glue’ repairs traumatic brain injuries

The Brain Glue is a hydrogel matrix with a gelatin-like consistency that acts as a scaffolding for transplanted stem cells, which are capable of repairing damaged tissue. With the unique ability to take the shape of the void left in the brain after a severe trauma, the Brain Glue will enable...MORE

regenerative medicine

Stem cell treatment may restore vision

With this device, the team can collect the patient's own tissue, sort and culture the cells and then place them back into the patient all in one day, said Lauderdale. It can take weeks to perform this task using conventional methods..MORE

regenerative medicine

RBC receives 250 million dollar opportunity

The newly created public-private partnership, called the National Institute for Innovation of Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals, or NIIMBL, will focus its efforts on driving down the cost and risks associated with manufacturing advanced cell and gene therapies for biopharmaceutical production.MORE

regenerative medicine

Evidence that Zika virus takes hold in the first trimester

"Now we can look quickly, at greater numbers, to take a closer look at a multitude of different strains and possibly identify the critical window of susceptibility for Zika virus-induced birth defects," said Brindley. "With this approach, we can continue to further design and test therapeutic efficacy."VIDEO

regenerative medicine

Mortensen talks laser imaging technology for cell therapies

"I had the opportunity to go to a couple of patient meetings and be able to interact with some of the people that had the disease," said Mortensen. "I got to see how they were dealing with the challenges and even to meet some of the children."LISTEN

regenerative medicine

GA Magzine uncovers how the RBC is creating new therapies

When they learned about a super-resolution microscope custom-made by researchers with the College of Engineering(who were located next door), the RBC provided a natural way to connect and develop pilot experiments to look at DNA sequences in a 3D structure. It’s valuable access to a lot of people who are doing some very interesting things, and all of a sudden......read more

vaccine production

Engineering stem cells for faster vaccine production

What sets this cell-based production system apart from the others is that it’s quick, easy to use and versatile in that it can be applied to multiple vaccine types; for example, Newcastle and, potentially, influenza vaccines, and both animal and human vaccines, said Stice, director of the RBC...read more

spinal cord injuries

Quickly tracking neural cells

We went to great pains to prove and demonstrate that our labeling method does not harm the stem cells, said Goodfellow, who started as an undergraduate in Stice's lab while majoring in animal and dairy science in the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. "If we.....read more

spinal cord injuries

The RBC marks a decade of revolutionary stem cell research

"UGA already had outstanding faculty members and researchers working on stem cells,” Stice said. “What was needed was a new, internal, collaborative coalition (at the university) that could promote spontaneous interactions between researchers who might not have been natural collaborators in the past.”.....read more

Zion Tse

RBC researcher shows how robotics aid medicine

"In the last three years we have been involved in some promising research on a new treatment for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or Lou Gehrig's disease," he said. "We're designing a robotic system that allows the injection of stem cells.....read more

neuronal signals

RBC's collaborates with University of Pennsylvania in development of brain-friendly interfaces

University of Georgia's Regenerative Bioscience Center, has developed a brain-friendly extracellular matrix environment of neuronal cells that contain very little foreign material.....read more

Avian Flu

Developing disease-resistant poultry may be solution for multiple virus issues

"Ultimately, you could have birds that are both avian influenza resistant and Newcastle disease virus resistant," said West, an assistant professor in the animal and dairy science department. "Theoretically, you may never have to vaccinate again."...read more

ATRX protein

Researchers identify unique marker on mom’s chromosomes in early embryo

"We've generated a model that is unique in the world," said Rabindranath De La Fuente, an associate professor in the UGA College of Veterinary Medicine. "Because we removed ATRX protein expression only in the oocyte, the female egg cell, we can now...read more


UGA researcher works to build 'missing' bone for children suffering from HPP

Mortensen's research proposes delivering bone-targeted mesenchymal stem cell therapy. Using animal modeling, Mortensen will design engineered mesenchymal stem cells with the assistance of laser microscope tracking to target therapeutic sites in the bone marrow...read more