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Giving takes place at all levels, ranging from community grants, large corporate donations, tribute gifts, small donations, to the generosity of our RBC members and students.

Your generosity and support is viewed more than just a financial contribution, but also an opportunity to establish meaningful partnerships with those whose values we share and whose actions truly drive change.

Gifts to the RBC Fund provide our labs with unrestricted dollars to support its most promising programs and initiatives. Donations will help advance research breakthroughs such as "fracture putty", which could dramatically change the healing period of our wounded soldiers, or a new toxicant detection tool that could lead to finding increased cases of Downs and Klinefelter syndromes in children or to infertility. Beyond the human aspect, gifts to the RBC could help save animals from chronic renal failure, such as the story of "Arthur the Stem Cell Cat" the only veterinary facility in the world to use adult stem cells in feline kidney transplantation. Your gift has the power to push this groundbreaking science forward.

A donation to the RBC fund could also help change the life of a student. With your donation students can actively participate in breakthrough technologies. Listen to current undergraduate student, Mary Kate Mehegan tell of her experience within the RBC Fellows program;

I (Mary Kate) became really interested in regenerative medicine when I came across a National Geographic documentary called "How to Build a Beating Heart" in high school. Ever since then I have been fascinated by regenerative medicine and the possibilities in the future of the field. When I came to college, I immediately started looking for research opportunities, but did not have much luck until my second semester, when I got the opportunity to join the Pig Stroke Project team in The West Laboratory. I have been helping out as an undergraduate researcher continuously since then.

Getting to help out in the West Laboratory has enabled me to see every facet of large animal stem cell models. I have been able to gain hundreds of hours of experience helping with pre and post-operative care, as well as veterinary treatment of large animal subjects.

Although there are plenty of medicines on the market that prevent various health problems from progressing and may actually reverse severe illnesses; most medications are limited to treating symptoms and none of them regenerate degrading tissue, release natural biological factors for healing, or completely replace entire organs. Regenerative medicine gives people and animals with otherwise permanent injuries or diseases the chance to heal where traditional pharmaceutical treatments have failed.

In my family, there is a long history of autoimmune disorders. Many of the pharmaceuticals used to treat these disorders have a host of terrible symptoms, many of which I saw firsthand as my grandmother declined. Today a number of therapies are being developed in regenerative medicine to mitigate inflammation, enhance T-cell function and concentration, etc., as well as treatments to prevent the onset of autoimmune disorders for those at risk, and many more. Although most of these regenerative therapies are still in clinical trials, they have the potential to transform the prognosis and quality of life for innumerable patients. If these treatments were available for my grandmother twenty-five years ago, when the onset of rheumatoid arthritis set in, she would probably still be here today.

Please join with us in realizing the extraordinary promise of regenerative medicine research. With your support, we can ensure advancement in finding cures for the diseases affecting those we love.

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The RBC is proud to honor the memory of your loved ones through our important work and the best opportunity to assure your gift for stem cell research will be directed where it is most urgently needed: toward cures for the devastating diseases that touch all of our lives. Through a tribute gift to RBC, your donation will mean so much to so many. RBC will acknowledge your thoughtfulness by sending a personalized card to the individual you designate. Your personal tribute is a perfect choice for birthdays and anniversaries. It’s also a great way to say congratulations, get well, or send holiday greetings. Tribute Gifts can also honor the memory of a loved one, a friend, or a colleague in lieu of gifts or flowers.

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